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  [Hankookilbo] Portable GPS Golf Range Finder
  User : gcore     Date : 07-03-28 09:14     Views : 4439    

Portable GPS Golf Range Finder

SSIATECH(Jeong Gi Sung, representative www.ssiatech.com) CO.,LTD. has developed
"Portable GPS Golf Range Finder". This informs the user the location and distance information
of Fairway, Green, Bunker, Hazard exactly as the real hole by voice.

G-core has started to sell its products from this February. It's peculiarity is that it informs
the course information exactly. So the user can easily find out the location of hole
and distance information without the help of caddy wherever you haven't played before.

해저드나 벙커까지 거리를 정확하게 알려주기 때문에 개인용 캐디 역할을 해내는 셈이다.
G-core recognizes golf course information automatically. And it shows the same map as the real golf course,
not only the front, center, back of Green's location through satellite but also the Fairway, Bunker, Hazard,
Green, etc. through LCD monitor and measures diving distance shot also.
Because it informs you Hazard, Bunker distance exactly, it is perfect private caddy.

Thanks for self developing for one and a half year, G-core has more advanced design and function than
other competitors. Now, G-core provides not only the current location and distance, but also the
remained distance and club selection by voice. And expects to have good reactions from the golfers
because it shows the whole hole of golf course at a glance.

Even though the size is as small as a cell phone, the size of the monitor has been bigger than the last version.
The products on the market is in big size and volume so that it has to be attached to a cart or a golf bag.
But G-core is the smallest in the world and easy to carry around. 1566- 4653

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