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  Why is Pakuranga listed Under Moscow?
  User : lggs2005     Date : 09-03-09 16:51     Views : 2574    
Thank you for your kind comment.
Pakuranga belongs to New Zealand.
We already update your comment.

Thanks & best  regards,

Ms. Pujie
Love Green for Indonesia/Singapore
Tel : 021-8778-2771/2 in Indonesia

Ms. Aon Aim
Love Green for Thailand/Malaysia
Tel : 0-2246-6088/6188 in Thailand

> Glad to find Pakuranga course newly listed on your Golf Course List.
> I am wondering, however, why it is missing its Country Name on top of it and looks like
> the location of the course is somewhere in Moscow.
> New Zealand is where Pakuranga belongs to.
> Also it is not easy to find courses in your list, where courses are not listed
> according to the alphabetical order. Canada courses are listed under Japan,
> Japan only after all other Asian countries, etc.  What is your principle in listing
> Country order?
> Happy New Year!
> John