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  Meaning of Numbers in Text Mode/Missing SICC Course
  User : avatar1000     Date : 10-01-29 17:16     Views : 2285    
Dear Sirs,

1.  What do the numbers in the yellow boxes next to the Front and Back distance to the green mean? At page 7 of the manual, the yellow boxes both show the number "16".
2.  Again in the manual at page 7, what do the blue boxes with the letters and numbers mean? The letters/numbers are at page 7 show -
W.  B.  0
H.    F.  0
3.  You have not included the 5th course in the Singapore Island Counrty Club i.e. the New Course. Please can you let me know if you are planning to do it soon?

Thanks and regards,

Kenneth Lie (Singapore)

동남아총판   10-02-22 10:50
Dear our valuable Client,

1. Yes, it means a distance from Front and Back to the green center.
But it should be 18 for Back and 18 for Front. Not 16.

2. It means a distance from Back and Front of Water Hazard

3. The New course is in "Singapore Island C.C - Island1"

Thank you for your kind information.

Best regards,