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  For the ones using G-Core first time.
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1. After receiving the product
  * Check the package items first.
    - G-CORE Main body, Manual, USB cable, Leather case
  * Inputting average distance per club
    When the product is first shipped, distance per club has been input in random. 
    If you want to have club selection for distance by voice at rounding, input distance per club in
    'Club Distance' at main menu.

    - For example,  when you input 150 yard for distance of Iron7, it will inform you
      [It's 152 yard from the center of Green. Please choose the Iron7] by voice.

    [How] Main menu → My G-CORE → Club Distance → OK
    *Please refer the manual  and be sure to know how to work the product.

2. At golf course
  * Settle down the GPS
      If you turn on the product 3minutes before playing or while going to the golf course,
      it starts receiving GPS reception automatically.
      (It will be set as a base menu when the product is shipped)

    If you want to connect GPS at Pro menu, push the menu button and select 'auto search'.
    Then push the OK button and wait till you receive GPS.
    Wait at the open place where there are no roof or tree blocking the sky,
    and will receive GPS after awhile.
    If it has worked well, it will inform you 'GPS has been received' by voice.
    Do not touch the product right after receiving and wait for just one more seconds.
    (For faster receive, it's better to put it on a plain place like on the car or on the grass
    than having it on a hand. Please wait till you have 3 reception sensitivity bar.)

    [How] Main menu → Auto Searching → OK

  * Whole hole adjustment(Adjust All) [Only in Pro Menu]
    - [Do not use this fuction when the golf course is updating to map 2.0 or 3.0]
    If there are more than 3 reception sensitivity bar, it will work properly.
    Before begining rounding in the golf course that is not applied to accurate measurement,
    the user can correct coordinate of whole golf course hole in a putting green
    and each hall green center.
    You can get a lot of information which are same as the real hole if you adjust coordinate of
    whole golf course hole.

  [How] Play menu → Course Settings → Adjust All → select green → OK

  * Meter/Yard Settings
    Set to meter or yard to what you prefer.
    Meter/Yard is marked on northeastern side of the screen.
    [How] Play menu → Options in Rounding → Meter/Yard → OK

  * Green Change
    This function is to set the green in hole that has both left green and right green.
  [How] Play menu → Options in Rounding → Green Change → OK
  * Set Pin
    User can check correct information on distance by setting exact pin position.
    Also, this function can be used usefully for the measurement of the target spot of an approach
  [How] Play menu → Course Settings → Set Pin → OK
  * Adjust Current Hole
    This function is to measure accurately unmeasured golf courses, or when there is an error at
    green center of hole in play though it has been accurately measured. User can play rounding
    with more correct information at rounding in the same golf course through adjust function.
    (It can adjust only 1 hole.)
  [How] Play menu → Course Settings → Adjust Hole → OK
  * Input Result [Only in Pro Menu]
    User must input result to move to the next hole. User can manage user's strokes exactly
    without caddie's help.
    If input result about strokes per hole, the scorecard will be managed automatically.
  [How] Play menu → Input Result