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  Download G-CORE Golf Solution(SGP-1100) for PDA
  User : gcore     Date : 08-02-25 15:07     Views : 4476    
Consumer price: 165,000

Available product
-You can install 320*240 pixel moniter based on window mobile, Samsung with built-in GPS ,
LG, HP PDA and POZ G300, PALMAX GDA1 at G-core homepage(www.gcore.co.kr)
'Download for PDA'.

Even the products which is not stated above, is going to be shipped after having tested in person
at the head office, if you send us window mobile built-in GPS.

How to purchase: You can buy through an exclusive sale. And when you buy one,
a coupon which has CD-KEY number on it will be sent.
(can be sent by e-mail too)

Caution: 1. Before sending products that have not been proved to install and available
by the head office, you have to make an inquiry to the head office.
After that send it by postal service delivery.

2. Products that are not available must have test apart,
and do not guarantee 100% available.

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