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※ Please refer the manual and be sure to know how to work the product.
Name of each part and key functions
1. Power key: Press for 3~4 seconds to turn on/off the G-CORE.

2. Voice key: This key function is to notify distance of the user's current position to the center of green and club selecting by voice. And also mark the user's current position during the play.

3. Menu/Ok key: This key is to load and access the menu.

4. Direction key: This key is to select items loaded from the menu key.

5. Cancel key: This key is to cancel the current condition. This key also has the function for turning on the backlight during user's play

Display and Icon

How to charge ※Use the charger of the TTA's certification for charge. It maybe take long time to charge by USB cable. If charge is completed, seperate product from the charger or take the power plug out.

For the ones using G-CORE first time
1. After receiving the product * Check the package items first - G-CORE Main body, Manual, USB cable, Leather case. * Inputting average distance per club When the product is first shipped, distance per club has been input in random. If you want to have club selection for distance by voice at rounding, input distance per club in 'Club Distance' at main menu. [How] Main menu -> My G-CORE -> Club Distance -> OK * Please refer the manual and be sure to know how to work the product. 2. At golf course * Settle down the GPS Turn on the product 3 minutes before playing, push the menu button and select 'Auto Searching' and wait till you receive GPS. Wait at the open place where there are no roof or tree blocking the sky, and will receive GPS after awhile. If it has worked well, it will inform you 'GPS has been received' by voice. [How] Main menu -> Auto Searching -> OK