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Course Recording (Only supported in Pro Menu) - User may make new course such as Teebox, Bunker, Hazard, Green etc. through measuring personally. - Step 1. Enter "Course Recording" in Functions for an expert of main menu Step 2. Enter "Create" placed below my course window If input par count per hole and press "OK" key in measurement of course window, the G-CORE guides each areas such as teebox, bunker, hazard, green and etc where it needs to be measured. Measure Distance - User can measure driving distance by marking the current spot with the "OK key" and at the spot where the ball had fallen. (Users can check his/her own driving distance directly in a golf course that has not map data.) Initial Settings - User can set "Map Mode(Graphic / Text)", "Menu Mode(Base Menu / Pro Menu)", "Language(Korean/English)", "Select Area(Korea / Overseas)" selection. (Menu mode is set basically by fitting into base menu (Beginner of the G-CORE), and professional menu(Expert of the G-CORE). GPS Information - This function shows information on reception sensitivity of GPS. User can check the receiving status of 12 satellites totally, get correct information when the device receive signals from more than 3 satellites. System Information - This function shows information on model name, serial number, software version, hardware version, and map version. Factory Reset - This function is to reset the device into the initial product settings. (Be careful because all data that user saved will be deleted if the function is operated.)