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Auto Searching - If select "Auto Searching" in main menu, user could find the golf course and hole in the area automatically. Select Course - User can select golf course saved in G-CORE PRO. User can save about 2000 golf course maps in G-CORE PRO. If user selects a golf course, the G-CORE recognizes the nearest hall by searching the present area automatically in which the user is. Therefore, if user is placed on the Teebox, the G-CORE on the screen informs courses and various information of hole in which the user is present Preview Course - The user can preview map before going to the golf course. All maps supported in "Select Course" are available. My G-Core (Only supported in Pro Menu.)
Club Distance - If input personal distance per club, the G-CORE informs club selection for distance at the rounding by voice. Average Distance - User can know "Average Distance" of each clubs that was used in golf courses. User can check correct my average distance because the G-CORE informs average distance per club with continuous accumulation of the average distance. View Record - This function is to manage records about time and strokes of golf course in which the G-CORE was used. Specially, "play checking per hole" function was made for checking play after rounding for a professional aspirant, a student, or pro players who is on intensive training and can help them to elevate their golf skills. User Contact - Since the user can register his/her contact number on the G-CORE, the device can be found readily by someone when the user loses the device. User can input this at "Base menu's Advance Functions" and "Pro menu" which is on "My G-CORE" menu. Play Rounding
Set Mark - User can mark the current position by pushing "Voice" key in each position of shot during play. This function is linked with function for checking of each club's driving distance. Delete Mark - This function is to delete a mark which contain wrong information. Input Result - User must input result to move to the next hole. User can manage user's strokes exactly without caddie's help. Score Card - If input result about strokes per hole, the scorecard will be managed by making out automatically.
Options in Rounding
Select Other Hole - This function is to get information of other hole during/before play. (It is a prerequisite function when user wishes to establish play plan beforehand.) Meter / Yard - User can change distance unit such as Meter or Yard according to user's prefer. Select Club - This function is to select clubs that user uses actually for recording of the exact mean distance in the case of that the user do shot with clubs not recommended by G-CORE. Whole View - It's not available to see whole hole that is long in the screen. User can see whole hole by using "Whole View" function to check the condition of surroundings of a green. View Beeline - This function is for the case of a long hole such as par 5 hole, serious locking dog-leg hole, or difficult condition to check the position of green exactly due to concealment by trees or forests. It helps selecting direction by drawing a line between the current spot and the center of the green. Course Information - This function is to confirm basic contents regarding position of golf course, contact numbers, membership etc. Green Change - This function is to set the green in hole that has both left green and right green. It is set in left green basically and when the user selects the "Green Change" menu, it will be changed to right green. Course Setting
Adjust All - Before user begins rounding in the golf course that is not applied to accurate measurement, the user can adjust coordinate of whole golf course hole in a putting green or each hole green center. In the case that accurate measurement is not operated even if there is a map, user can do rounding by reducing an error range. Adjust Hole - This function is to measure accurately unmeasured golf courses, or when there is an error at green center of hole in play though it has been accurately measured. User can play rounding with more correct information at rounding in the same golf course through adjust function. (It can adjust only 1 hole.) Reset All Adjust - This function is to delete value that is adjusted into whole hole adjustment. (If delete whole hole adjustment, it returns to existing data which G-CORE provides.) Reset Hole Adjust - This function is to delete value that is adjusted into current hole adjustment. Set Pin - User can check correct information on distance by setting exact pin position. Also, this function can be used usefully for the measurement of the target spot of an approach shot. Reset Pin - This function is to delete pin position value that user set.