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Portable GPS Golf Range Finder

G-CORE tells you the information of the distance of a hole and a map with a high algorithm wherever you move through the LCD monitor.

G-CORE Functions

1. Auto searching course and hole
2. Display with graphical view
3. Exact location and looks of outline, fairway, bunker and hazard
4. Hole move, detail view, whole view
5. Distance from bunker, hazard, green front/center/back
6. Distance view by a meter/yard
7. Driving diatance of last shot
8. Informs distance and club selection by voice
9. Preview course and hole
10. View line to green center
11. Meter/Yard unit change
12. Pro's advice each holes
13. Left/Rgiht green selection
14. Line of user's club distance
15. Lines of 100/200/300 meter/yard
16. Input result
17. View scorecard
18. User's club distance
19. User's average distance
20. Recording management
21. Set pin location
22. Adjustment of whole hole
23. Adjustment of current hole
24. Course recording

If you are in teebox, G-CORE recognizes automatically current hole and informs hole number, par count, handicap, distance from bunker and hazard, distance from green center and driving distance to you. And G-CROE informs distance from green center and recommended club number to you by voice for who beginner and upgrade your skills.